Framing Options

Matte Black Metal: Width 3/8″, Height 1″

Contrast Grey Metal: Width 1/4”, Height 3/4”

Black Wood Satin Finish: Width 1 3/8”, Height 1/2”



Natural Wood With Coffee Brown Finish: Width 1 1/8”, Height 3/4”

Wood with Walnut Finish: Width 2 3/8”, Height 7/8”



Wood with Pecan Finish: Width 2 3/8”, Height 7/8”



The Silver Wall uses a standard 8-ply, acid free white mat for all photography framing. 8 ply mattes allow the photograph to be far enough way from the frame for safety. If you would like a different color mat, please call us. 



The Silver Wall frames all photography in acrylic, not glass, for the safety of the photograph. We recommend acrylic because it does not shatter and risk scratching the surface of the print.

2 Options:

Conservation Clear® Acrylic


 blocks up to 99% of UV Rays

TruVue OPTIUM® Museum Acrylic

invisible antireflective coating,

UV filtering

abrasion resistant

anti static coating