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Edward Steichen

"Dawn, Flowers, Pl. 11 Vol 2, Camera Work, 1903"
signed by Steichen

Edward Steichen was born in Luxembourg in 1879.
He resided in Umpawaug, CT until his death in 1973.

Known for:
An extremely innovative artist, Steichen is known for many types of photographs including landscapes and cityscapes, still lifes, fashion photography, portraits of friends and family, and aerial photographs of WWI. Much of his early work appeared in Camera Work.

Most Popular Image:
"The Flatiron, Evening"

Did you know ... ?
• He was a painter, then turned to the camera.
• Steichen collaborated with Alfred Stieglitz on the project,
Camera Work.
• He was Director of Aerial Photography for the Allied Force during WWI and Director of Naval Combat Photography in WWII.
• Steichen was the first curator of Photgraphy at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
• He organized the "Family of Man" exhibit that traveled around the world beginning in 1950.

“I shall use the camera as long as I live; for it can say things that cannot be said in any other medium... I will always stick to photography!"

General Format:
Most of Steichen's photogravures are approximately 6" x 7". Silver gelatin photographs are rare.

How many photographs exist?
Steichen generally worked in unnumbered editions. Approximately 150 - 200 of each image exist from Camera Work.

$550 -$12,500.

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How are the photographs printed and signed?
Most of Steichen's photographs are unsigned.

Most of Steichen's work is vintage.

Technical Information:
He used a variety of cameras: Kodak Medalist, Rolleiflex, Robot, and Kodak Bantam.


Books - In Print:
Steichen's Legacy -
hardback, $100.

A Gallery for Fine Photography has a good selection of Steichen's work.

Cover Design, awarded the first prize in the Goerz Competition
pl 55 vol 14
Camera Work

Authenticity is guaranteed. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.



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