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Sandra Russell Clark


In Search of Eden: Bay I, Images from the South, Bay St. Louis 2000

Sandra Russell Clark was born in New Orleans, LA in 1949.
She currently resides in Bay St. Louis, MS with her husband.

Known for:
Best known for her images of gardens and ethereal landscapes.

Most Popular Images:
Elysium: A Gathering of Souls, New Orleans Cemetaries series; In Search of Eden series

Did you know ... ?
• Sandra is a self-taught photographer.
• She served as the Director of Photography at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, LA from 1978-1980.
• Her new work,
In Search of Eden, was featured in Southern Accents Magazine.

On her Eden series: "The images from Mississippi and Louisiana which are included in this series are places I see almost everyday. They are from my garden, the end of my block, around the corner or a short drive away. Images that we may not take the time to notice but by chance. Then an early morning fog, a storm moving in, or the dappling of the last light of Fall moving through the woods isolate the image and lead us to view the mystery of forms without comment. The atmosphere transforms these very ordinary subjects into something quite extraordinary".

General Format:
Silver gelatin and hand-coloring on various paper sizes.

How many photographs exist?
Photographs are printed in a numbered edition of 50.

$550 - $5,000

How are the photographs printed and signed?
The photographs are archivally processed on warm tone fiber base paper.
Generally, signed and numbered au verso (on the back) in pencil.

Several vintage photographs are available. Vintage means that the print date is at or near the same time as the negative date.

Technical Information:
The Garden series are 35mm black & white infrared film printed on warm tone paper and brown toned, some are hand-painted with oils. Venice and Elysium are 35mm black & white infrared film printed on warm tone paper. The Eden landscapes are mostly 2 1/4" images (botanicals are 35mm), Tri X film, printed on warm tone paper and sepia toned.

Gardens of Reflection, European and American Gardens
Venice: A Vanishing Light
Elysium: A Gathering of Souls, New Orleans Cemetaries
In Search of Eden, Images from the South Coast

Books - In Print (order yours now!):
Elysium: A Gathering of Souls, Hardcover, signed, out of print, $49.95.

A Gallery for Fine Photography has images from all of Sandra's series.

Metairie Cemetary, Elysium: A Gathering of Souls 1997

Authenticity is guaranteed. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.



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