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W. Eugene Smith

Welsh Miners, Wales 1950

Smith was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1918, resided in New York City and died in Tucson, AZ in 1978.

Known for:
Powerful photographic essays for Life Magazine including Spanish Village, Country Doctor, Nurse Midwife, A Man of Mercy, Pittsburgh, WWII battle scenes.

Most Popular Images:
A Walk to Paradise Garden, 1946; Tomoko and her Mother, Minamata, Japan, 1972..

Did you know ... ?
By the time he was 23 years old, Smith had published 370 photo essays and photographs in the most prestigous international magazines. Smith suffered pain throughout his life; he was injured while on a photography assignment in WWII. While working on his last series on industrial pollution in Minimata, Japan, corporate thugs had him beaten up.

His vocation, he once said, was to do nothing less than record by word and photograph, the human condition.

General Format:
Primarily 8” x 10” and 11” x 14” Silver Gelatin photographs. There a few 16” x 20” and a few mural size photographs.

How many photographs exist?
His photographs are extremely rare, many are editions of 50 or less.


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How are the photographs printed and signed?
Smith meticulously printed his own photographs and signed them au reco in the lower left or right corner with a stylus. He also titled and/or signed them on the mount.

Yes, vintage photographs exist and are occasionally available.

Technical Information:
Smith exposed his images for the highlights and let his shadows go black; the highlights are harsh, often bleached, but the prints overall are extremely dark, giving them a distinct, characteristic tonal quality.

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