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Danny Lyon


Racer, Schererville, Indiana, 1966

Danny Lyon was born in New York City in 1942.
He now lives with his wife Nancy and children on a farm in upstate New York.

Known for:
Work with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Commitee (SNCC) in the Civil Rights Movement of the early 1960's. Documentary projects, includingThe Bikeriders and the Texas Prison Series.

Most Popular Images:
Crossing the Ohio, 1966, Dominos, from the Texas Prison Series, Bob Dylan behind the SNCC Office in Greenwood, South Carolina, 1962

Did you know ... ?
Danny's father, an opthamologist, treated Alfred Stieglitz. The Steerage, one of Stieglitz's most famous photographs, hung in his office.

"I used to be afraid that when Angels became movie stars and Cal the hero of the book, the bikerider would perish on the coffee tables of America. But now I think that this attention doesn't have the strength of reality of the people it aspires to know, and that as long as Harley-Davidsons are manufactured other bikeriders will appear, riding unknown and beautiful through Chicago, into the streets of Cicero."

General Format:
Silver gelatin, unique photomontages, some Type C color.

How many photographs exist?
Photographs are printed upon request in open editions.

$1,500 - $3,500
2009 - $2500-5500

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How are the photographs printed and signed?
Signed au recto (front of photograph) in pencil; signed and stamped au verso (back of photograph).

A few vintage photographs are available. Vintage means that the print date is at or near the same time as the negative date.

Photographs from the Southern Civil Rights Movement
Edition of 6. Current price $39,000.

Books - In Print (
Knave of Hearts,Hardcover, $60.
Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement, Softcover, $34.95.
The Bikeriders, $60.
I Like to Eat Right On the Dirt, Out-of-Print, $55.

A Gallery for Fine Photography has an impressive selection of original photographs by Danny Lyon. All published images are available.

Bob Dylan Behind the SNCC Office, Greenwood, MS, 1963.

Authenticity is guaranteed. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.



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