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Fonville Winans

Dixie Belles, 1938

Fonville Winans was born in Mexico, Missouri in 1911.
He grew up in Ft. Worth, TX. He moved to south Louisiana in 1928 when his father worked in construction.
He died in 1992.

Known for:
Photograped in Louisiana between 1929 - 1941: bayou landscapes, people, Cajun culture. From 1941-1991, he had a portrait studio in Baton Rouge, LA.

Most Popular Images:
"Dixie Belles"; "The Oysterman"

Did you know ... ?
• In the 1930s he had a boat and lived in south Lousiana filming and photographing.
• After he married in 1941, he opened a portrait studio in Baton Rouge. He photographed politicians, socialites, citizens. He loved to ride his bicycle.

"Louisiana is my Africa and South America."
"Most of my pictures, I made with one shot. It was too hard to get film on Grand Isle."

General Format:
Silver gelatin photographs are generally 16" x 20", some 8" x 10" and
11" x 14".

How many photographs exist?
All were unfinished editions of 50; most 37 or less.

$1,500 - $17,000

How are the photographs printed and signed?
Printed by Fonville and his son, Bob Winans, during Fonville's lifetime.
Signed au recto pencil, some au recto pen.

Very few vintage photographs are available. Vintage means that the print date is at or near the same time as the negative date.

Technical Information:
4" x 5" studio camera and field camera. Silver gelatin; color is rare.


Books - Out of Print:
Cajun, $175
Fonville Winans' Louisiana Hardcover, $45

A good selection of photographs by Fonville Winans is available.

Price History:
1976: $50
1986: $100 - $500
1996: $500 - $8,500
1999: $1,500 - $8,500.

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The Oysterman, 1934

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