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Lisette de Boisblanc

"Hiding, 2011" © Lisette de Boisblanc

Lisette de Boisblanc was born the 30th of May, 1986
in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attended St. Martin's Episcopal School and the University of Georgia.
Under the tutelage of Dr. Bert Myers MD, de Boisblanc learned how
to use an X-Ray Machine.

Known for:
X-raying her grandmother's antique doll collection that was under water for two weeks after Hurricane Katrina.

Most popular images:
"Pursuit of Beads, 2014"
"Hiding, 2011"

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Did you know...?
Sent by the King of France to settle the New World, Lisette Hardi de Boisblanc's ancestor, Pierre Hardy de Boisblanc, was one of the founders of New Orleans. After the Spanish invasion, the French founders loyal to the King of France refused to submit to Spanish rule, and were either exiled or sentenced to death. "Frenchman Street" was named in homage to their bravery.

Lisette de Boisblanc was 7 years old when she made her first photogram and pinhole camera.

"It is my hope that these images created from X-ray will provoke the viewer to explore the depth of their relationships and experiences within themselves and the world around them.

General Format:
16" x 20", 40" x 50" silver gelatin and pigment prints.

Technical Information:
Images are created using X-ray technolodgy and X-ray film

2014: $750-$5,000

How are the photographs printed and signed?
The photographs are signed au verso (on the back).
Some Vintage Prints are available.

Series: 2011, "Taken by the Fog," 2013, "de Code Her,"
2014, "The Lead Apron."

"Some of Lisette de Boisblanc's images are included in "Inventing Reality" by Luna Press 2013

Authenticity is guaranteed.
Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

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