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Couple Amoureux, rue Quartier Italie, Paris, 1931

Brassaï was born in Brasso, Transylvania in 1899.
He lived in Paris for most of his life.
He died in 1984.

Known for:
Brassaï, the "eye of Paris," is known for his urban photographs of Paris during the 1930s.

Most Popular Images:
"Couple Amoureux, rue Quartier Italie, Paris, 1931
"Rue de Rivoli, 1937"; "La Femme De 'L'homme Gorille' Dans Sa Danse De Loie Fuller"

Did you know ... ?
• Brassaï was friends with Matisse, Picasso, Braque, and Breton.
• In addition to being an innovative photographer, Brassaï was also a prolific writer, producing as many as 16 books.

“What characterizes a good photographer is that he has both that journalistic sense (he seizes whatever is interesting in the world) and, at the same time, the sense of form. For me, the criterion of a good photograph is that it be unforgettable."

General Format:
Though his Silver gelatin photographs vary in size, many of them are 9" x 12".

How many photographs exist?
Brassaï printed in very small unnumbered editions (ten or less).

$4,500 - $75,000

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How are the photographs printed and signed?
The photographs are signed in ink au recto or au verso.

Many of Brassaï's photographs are vintage. Vintage means that the print date is at or near the same time as the negative date.

Technical Information:
Brassaï first used a Voigtlander 6 1/2 cm x 9 cm and then a Leica camera.


Books - In Print:
Brassaï: Eye of Paris -
Exhibition catalogue, softcover Sold Out
Brassaï: Eye of Paris - hardback, Sold Out

Select images are available through A Gallery for Fine Photography.

Price History:
1975: $500
1985: $1,500 - $9,500
1995: $2,500 - $45,000
2003: $4,500 - $75,000

La Fille au Billard Russe, Paris (Hooker Playing Snooker) 1933

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