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E.J. Bellocq

Plate 11, Striped Stockings 1912

Bellocq was born in New Orleans in 1873 and resided there until his death in 1949.

Known for:
Photographs of prostitutes in Storyville, the red light district of New Orleans. .

Most Popular Images:
"Plate 11, Striped Stockings, 1912"

Did you know ... ?
During his lifetime, E.J. Bellocq was known as a maritime photographer and no one knew of his pastimes in Storyville. There is much speculation as to why some negatives contain images with faces scratched out. His legacy of photographs inspired the 1977 movie "Pretty Baby," starring Brooke Shields.

General Format:
8" x 10" and a few select images in 16"x 20" (printed posthumously by Lee Friedlander).

How many photographs exist?
Bellocq left very few original photographs ( less than ten have been discovered). Eighty-nine 8x 10 glass plate negatives were found after his death in 1949. In the late 1960's, Lee Friedlander bought and began to print the negatives in an open edition that is ultimately limited by his supply of the special printing-out-paper. Approximately 30-50 of each plate have been printed and 100 of the most popular.

8" x 10": $1,750- $3,000
16" x 20": $5,000- $7,500

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How are the photographs printed and signed?
Lee Friedlander contact prints the 8 x 10 negatives on gold-toned printing out paper, a paper he believes to closely approximate the paper Bellocq had used to print the images. Lee Friedlander initials and stamps the photographs au verso.

Extremely rare.

Technical Information:
The printing-out-paper process is from the turn of the century in which the plates are placed on the paper and exposed to indirect sunlight anywhere from 3 hours to 7 days; the paper is then toned in a gold chloride bath.


Books - In Print (order yours now!):
Bellocq (1996, out-of-print, limited availability)

All but plates 2 and 9 (which are in the New Orleans Museum of Art,) are available.

Authenticity is guaranteed. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.



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