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Maggie Taylor

"Trouble, 2005"

Maggie Taylor was born in Cleveland, OH

Known for:
Surrealistic dream images created digitally and printed
as archival pigment prints.

Most Popular Images:
"Southern Gothic, 2001," "Girl with Bee Dress, 2004,"

Did you know ... ?
Taylor's work was featured in an article written by
Elizabeth Cook-Romero/The New Mexican,

"If all the shadows are not quite in the right place, I like it a little better." "When I remember my dreams-if they were in color-I don't remember the colors and things don't make sense. Since I am alluding to that dream universe, I don't think the images have to totally make sense."

General Format:
Digital camera and scanner.

How many photographs exist?
Taylor's works are printed in numbered editions
limited to 15-20.

$1500. - 15,000.

How are the photographs printed and signed?
Maggie Taylor prints her photographs as digital archival
piment prints. She signs, titles, and numbers them au recto
in pencil on the photograph.

Technical Information:
Maggie Taylor has mastered Adobe Photoshop and uses
a digital format camera and a flat bed scanner to create her images.

Her works are composites of scans and photographic images collected at different times. There is not a negative in the sense of traditional photography; the images exist entirely in the computer.

Books - In Print
"Maggie Taylor's Landscape of Dreams" soft cover
"Maggie and Jerry" published by The Musem of Photography,
Seoul, Korea. Hard Sold Out
"Solutions Beginning with A, from Modernbook Editions
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

"No Ordinary Days"

Photographs are available at A Gallery for Fine Photography

"Surrounded, 2004."

Authenticity is guaranteed. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

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